Your Taste In Music Reveals Your Personality, According To Study

Music brings people together. But our musical preferences also set us apart from others. And that is because there’s a connection between our personality and the kind of music that makes us tick.

A survey of over 4000 people has found that certain types of music appeal to certain types of personality.


This is a rule breaking culture that attracts people who reject tradition or tend to repress their negative emotions. Punk lovers are intuitive and flexible, always scanning for opportunities and options.

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Jazz attracts people who like improvisation, but improvisation that relies on the mastery of an instrument. They are enthusiastic and confident, but also enjoy the down time and cool effect of jazz. Jazz lovers are extroverted, intuitive and assertive.


This is the right music for the people who react to power and responsibility. They like precision and intellectual challenges.

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Rock music is for the rebellious spirit, that enjoys the rough poetry and the rawness of feeling. It’s the music of those who identify themselves as outsiders and who rely on their intuitions and feelings.

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People who listen to reggae believe in one love and they seek harmony. They also may see reggae as a force for revolution. They are extroverts rather than introverts.


This kind of music is for the ones that like to do more things at once and need a sound track that will help them concentrate. People who like this kind of music are intuitive and in touch with their feelings.

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Pop music lovers are attracted to the showmanship that it entails. They want to know what society as a whole appreciates and want to take part of that shared joy. They are extroverts and appreciative of bold emotional displays.


Preferred not only by minority groups anymore, hip hop has became more and more popular. Rap is about the pleasure of material success, and it speaks to entrepreneurs that appreciate this life style. Hip-hop people appreciate smart language inventions.

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Electronic music attracts people who believe in the faster, louder, harder philosophy of life. Its fans enjoy the mechanical efficiency and control that electronic music is built on. They are less judging and more extroverted.


It attracts those who appreciate the authenticity and the depth of feeling. Melancholic people, those who love and suffer with intensity can identify themselves with the purity of the blues.


People who listen to soul are politically conscious. They are more interested in the voice of the singer and the emotional bounty it expresses rather than instrumental mastery. They are drawn to the passionate aspect of the soul and to the relatable feelings.

Of course, being complex human beings, we can enjoy more than one musical style. But based on our personality, we feel that we belong to a musical tribe more than others.

Don’t forget what Bob Marley said: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Please, share this!