7 Things That People Who Love Their Lives Do

What does it mean to love your life? Being content with one’s choices. Not being tempted to change your life with anybody else’s, even if you could. Here are 7 things people who love their lives have in common.


1. They don’t take their life for granted

People who love their lives know what a precious gift it is and don’t waste any moment of it.

2. They don’t care about being the center of attention

People who love their life do so because they are happy with the choices they’ve made and don’t need validation from others. Therefore, they don’t need to always be the center of attention.

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3. They don’t hide their feelings

People who love their lives don’t apologize for being emotional, knowing that emotions are an essential part of who they are. They know how to express their feelings and are not ashamed of their vulnerability.

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4. They call the shots in their own lives

These people are not interested in controlling other people, the only control they exercise is over their own life. They don’t let other people tell them how they should live their lives and don’t comply to selfish demands.

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5. They apologize when they’ve done something wrong

Like everybody else, they are not perfect and they don’t pretend they are. That’s why they are not afraid to admit when they’ve done something wrong and to apologize for it. This is how they take responsibility for their actions.

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6. They don’t give up on their passion

Everybody must earn a living, and these people know this harsh truth. But they somehow manage not to neglect their passions and their dreams, they find the time to make whatever is that makes them happy.

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7. They choose their friends carefully

People who love their lives are aware of the negative influence toxic people can have on them. That’s why they chose friends from whom they can learn, that can lift their spirits and support them.

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