A Narcissist Will Do These 5 Things To Be The Center Of Attention

What narcissists love the most, except for themselves, is to be in the spotlight. By constantly putting themselves on a pedestal and therefore at the center of attention, they establish who’s in control and in power in a group of people.

The worse thing is that they don’t earn the spotlight, more like they try to obtain it by any means. This is what they’ll do to get your attention:

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1. Twist conversations

The conversation will go as they please, if you’re not paying attention. They always twist it and manage it according to their own needs. They have a plan and their plan is to talk about themselves and their concerns. As the self-absorbed beings that they are, they won’t let you get away without making it all about them first.

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2. Always interrupt

For the same reasons, they will interrupt a conversation no matter how rude it is. They know it’s not alright, but they don’t care so they still do it. Attending to their own selfish needs weighs more. Don’t let them trick you. Tell them if they’re being rude or inappropriate in a conversation. Otherwise, the conversation will remain one-sided.

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3. Play the blame game

They enjoy putting the blame on someone else. They will do everything they can to make you become defensive and then wallow in guilt. Remember that with a narcissist, they are always the victim and you always the perpetrator.MORE: The Best Strategies To Handle The Toxic Person In Your Life

4. Intimidate

They are actually very skilled at this game; after all, they have been training quite a lot. They need to feel they have power over somebody else and one way they can establish who calls the shots is to show their superiority. Or rather, mask their insecurities every way they can.

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5. Play the victim

They need to be the victim because they want all the attention, they want people to feel sorry for them and feel sympathetic towards them. That’s how they get to maintain their control; it’s abusive and manipulative and you should remain alert while in their presence.

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