Guys, Never Mention These 10 Things Around Ladies

Guys are never prepared for the female tantrum. They have no idea how to handle their ladies when they go off like a volcano. That’s why they should avoid telling them these ten things to prevent drama altogether.

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So guys, trust us, ladies never ever want to hear these 10 things coming out from your mouth:

1. You look a little tired

That’s another way of saying she doesn’t look great today. Hearing that one day she’s beautiful and the next day not so much it’s something they never want to know. She’s always gorgeous, no matter her outfit or mood.

2. You remind me of my mom

Really, is that the best you can? Try a different compliment, one that doesn’t bring up your mom.

3. Did you put on some weight?

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How she handles her weight is her business and her business only. If she wants to lose some kilos, she will do it because she wants to, not because you do.

4. Are you on your period?

Oh, no, you didn’t! Don’t be a fool, never ever ask her that, she will for sure punch at the next second.

5. Are you really going to wear that?

Yes, she is going to wear exactly whatever she feels like it. Don’t even try to criticize her outfit. Well, not if you don’t mind waiting another two hours for her to change.

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6. Why are you freaking out?

Oh, poor guy, you are not ready to see her really really freaking out.

7. You are crazy!

If you didn’t know this by now, learn that it’s probably the nastiest of things you could tell someone, let alone a lady. Her craze is on a whole other level, you can’t be ready for it.

8. Why so many guys friends?

This will not only put her off but probably turn her off for good. She doesn’t have to give you any explanation for her friends, guys or not guys. It’s an offensive remark.

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9. It’s a guy thing, you wouldn’t understand

So you’re telling her she’s stupid. In one flash sentence.

10. Wow, she’s hot!

Don’t show her you’re physically attracted to some other girl when she’s around. They already know you turn your head to other women, they simply don’t like to hear it.

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