Study Shows That Couples Who Cuddle More Are Happier And Have Deeper Connections

There is nothing better than snuggling with your loved one late at night, especially when the rain is pouring outside. There are really these unique moments of intimacy and bliss that remind us how precious life is.

Of course, honesty, making compromises, forgiving are crucial in a long-term fulfilling relationship. But hugs and cuddles shouldn’t be taken for granted. If we minimize the importance of giving and receiving affection, chances are one of the partners will become frustrated at some point.

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When we cuddle next to the person we love the most, we not only relieve stress and feel all warm inside and comforted. The health benefits of hugging and cuddling run deep and we shouldn’t discard them.

But what we also do when we snuggle with our partners is to unlock a deeper part of the relationship.

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Cuddling says you have found in your partner a safe space where you feel genuinely cared for. You are no longer distrustful or afraid of being hurt, you have let go. And you have let go in the arms of another, the one you cherish above all people.

Sharing the bed with your partner becomes then such an intimate and special way to form a tighter bond, one that cannot be broken.

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Research shows on and on that cuddling and sleeping wrapped up in our beloved’s arms creates long-lasting and much deeper connections. It helps build up stronger and flourishing relationships which we so much crave for as human beings.

When we’re in a strong embrace with our one and only, we tend to fall into a deep tranquility; we feel all the troubles in the world couldn’t touch us. Cuddling is relaxing, peaceful and pretty much everything we need to connect with our partner.

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Words will never be able to communicate as much as a passionate hug will. If you want to express your deep genuine love, snuggle with your partner tonight.

Study also shows that there is a sexual component to cuddling: apparently, it often leads to sexual activity but also happens often after making love. This means cuddling and romance make a sweet pair. And don’t forget that a cuddle a day keeps the doctor away!

So cuddle up and share this!