If You Have These 7 Qualities, You Are Open Minded

Being open minded is all about being curious about what the world has to offer. It’s not being inflexible or dogmatic, but allowing others to prove themselves before you judge them. Here are 7 qualities that open minded people have.


1. You welcome change into your life

These people are aware that nothing stays the same and the only permanence is change. That’s why they don’t fight it and don’t hold on to the past. They know that change means new and improved opportunities of which they plan to take advantage.

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2. You are curious

These people don’t agree that it was curiosity that killed the cat. On the contrary, their enemy is ignorance and prejudice. They want to know everything theirs is to know about the world around them, they have inquisitive minds and they question everything.

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3. You are not afraid to try new things

These people are not the kind that order the same food every time they go to a restaurant. They enjoy explore new places, going on adventures and having all kinds of experiences. They feel this is the best way to make the most out of life.

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4. You don’t make a habit out of judging people

For open minded people, others are autonomous individuals who entitled to make their own choices. They don’t judge these choices and when they don’t agree with others, they try to understand their reasons rather than assigning labels.

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5. You enjoy the present moment

Since they are not holding to the past and are not afraid of the future, they are free to enjoy the present.

6. You learn from your mistakes

In the same way they don’t judge others, open minded people don’t judge themselves either. They don’t put themselves down for making a mistake, instead they consider it an opportunity to learn something new. They turn their wound into wisdom, as the alchemist turns lead into gold.

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7. You really listen

Because they curious and see other people as worlds ready to be explored, they really know how to listen.  For them, every conversation is an opportunity to learn something new about the world or about the person standing in front of them.

Don’t forget that “the mind is like an umbrella: it only works when it’s open.” Please, share this!