3 Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You

The moment you gain recognition for your achievements, people jealous of your success will pop up like snails after rain. Don’t let them shadow your wonderful joy.

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Check out these 3 signs that let you know if someone out there is jealous of you:

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1. Fake appreciation

When someone is jealous of you, they will probably applaud your triumph but once you’ll leave the room, they will start talking behind your back or flatter their eyelashes at each other. They will put on an act whenever they see you and will never address the problem. Don’t let them ruin your day or your way of thinking. Revenge is never good, so don’t change your spirit just to balance accounts.

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2. Minimize your win

No matter how much work you put in for your big success, jealous people will deem it as a piece of cake or a no-brainer thing to achieve. Treat them with modesty while sticking by your win. If you brag about it, they will probably end up being more jealous of you. Only you know how many hours of hard work it took to succeed.

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3. Wiggle-waggle

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Green-eyed people will always take time to gossip behind your back. To shut their big mouths, the best thing is to confront them directly. Remember, there are always going to be people with negative energy around you. It’s your choice to let them get to you.

People green with envy don’t go far. But people who stay on their path do. Spread the word!