6 Steps That Will Help You Achieve Any Goal You Have

We all set goals for ourselves sometimes and leave them unaccomplished. And that’s because changing our behavior is never easy. Here are some steps that you can follow when you want to translate your good intentions into real changes.


1. Establish your goal

The important thing is to set realistic goals instead of grand ones. It gives you a better chance to succeed. Also, you should set a plausible deadline for it.

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2. Identify easy, specific steps that can lead to your goal

Small steps are the key to success. You won’t feel overwhelmed by the importance and the difficulty of your task and therefore there will be less resistance from your part.

3. Make your environment work for you

It’s not only your will power that makes the difference between success and failure. The environment has a great influence on our behavior. Make sure your surroundings make things easier for you and don’t constitute a temptation.

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4. Make your decision known to your social circle

If you get other people involved in your plan, it will become harder to quit. By connecting your goal to your tribe, you feel more inclined to make greater efforts.

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5. Make sure you know why your goal is important to you

Good, rational reasons for your wanting to change a certain behavior are not as motivating as you might think. You are more likely to achieve a goal if you concentrate on how much better you are going to feel once the goal is achieved.

6. Give yourself plenty rewards

If you include rewards into your routine, it will be more enticing because our brain gets more active once it can identify something pleasant at the end of our efforts.

So no matter what you want to achieve – exercising more, finding a new job, getting that scholarship – don’t forget to plan it in such a way that your motivation is refreshed constantly. Please, share this!