6 Tips For People Who Wear Glasses

People who wear glasses have more complicated lives than others. There’s nothing like looking for your glasses and not being able to find them since well, you cannot see without them. And because the challenges they face on regular basis are left unsung, here are some tips to help them through their day.


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1. If you lose your glasses in the dark – and we know you do –  the whole process of finding them can be the subject of a humorous sketch. If you want to avoid that in the future, paint them with fluorescent paint, which will make them glow in the dark.

2. If you are in a situation when you have to remove your glasses for a while, don’t put them on your head. In doing so, their frame becomes loose and they will fall from your nose. Put them aside when needed, they will last longer.

3. But if the frame still becomes looser, you can fix that by softening the rounded part of the earpiece. After that, all you have to do is to bend the ends down. They will fit you better.

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4. We know that you mostly wipe your glasses using the corner of your clothes. It’s so easy that nobody can blame for that. But this scratches the lenses and therefore it can aggravate your condition. Use instead a microfiber fabric.

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5. Anybody who has glasses knows how easily they become dirty. Don’t use cleaning solutions that contain alcohol. An easy solution is to use dish washing soap, because it leaves the protective coating intact.

6. Another common problem is that the tiny screws that hold your glasses together get easily lost. Until you get to fix them properly, you may use the tip of a toothpick.

 We hope you find these tips useful. Please share!