The Reason Why Having A Hobby Will Make You Better At Your Job

There is nothing like coming home from work and plunging into reading a book, gardening or some other activity that clears your mind and puts in touch with your inner life. It can be a challenge that you give to yourself, a source of pleasure or just a way of passing the time.


The immediate satisfaction that a hobby can give you is not the only benefit of it. A team of researchers from the San Francisco State University concluded that having a creative hobby increases the probability of finding creative solutions to work related problems.

People who write, garden, paint or surf perform better at their jobs.

The reason behind this is that they become more confident when they gain control over a new skill they mastered on their own. They learn to see things from another perspective and therefore are more likely to find innovative solutions to their tasks.

And of course, the more often they engage in these creative activities, the better they are at it and the better they perform at their jobs. The relaxing effect that a hobby can have on one’s state of mind is also responsible for the fact that they tend to be more cooperative and socially connected.

A few hours a day doing something that you really enjoy you can make you feel inspired and invigorated. So go ahead, play that video game! Your coworkers will thank you for it tomorrow. Please share this!