This Is What The Woman Who Loves You Wants You To Know

Love is not something that should be taken lightly. Love may have come and gone in your life, but the traces it leaves are forever. The love you now have for each other is the bond you’ve always dreamed of. It feeds both of your souls, it is peaceful and nurturing.

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She has longed for this kind of love and now that she has found it, she will make the best of it. She will thrive if you don’t let her down. Here is what she wants you to know:

She craves affection just like everyone else and she needs to feel like you make her a priority. Mere words won’t be enough; she appreciates above all else kind gestures and fill her heart with joy.

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She absolutely loves it when you make her laugh, especially when you sometimes try hard because you’ve had a bad day yourself. But you know how to put her first and this will bring you so much joy at all times.

Don’t bring indifference into your relationship. Once you distance yourself or become cold, you will lose her and there will be no turning back. Don’t let her yearn for your affection. Give as much as you can and you will receive back tenfold. Don’t pretend things are alright if something bothers you.

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Most of all, don’t choose not to talk about what upsets you.
She wants to know if there is a problem so you can discuss it and solve it together, as a couple.

Don’t turn her into everything you hate: an irritable or impatient woman. Her love is deep, but her anger will poison what you have if you let her down.

Let her know her presence in your life means the world to you. Always give her the chance to show you how much she loves you. Once she has given her heart to you, she needs to know you won’t break it, like it happened so many times before.

Don’t push her away by being negligent or because of your insecurities. She will back down and feel hurt and underappreciated.

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But she knows how to forgive so she will forgive you and give you many chances because her love is that strong. She doesn’t know how to love differently.

Be compassionate towards her and you will know bliss. Know that not everyone can love you with as much passion and devotion as she does. Hold on to her tightly and be grateful you have found such a wondrous being in your life.

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