Why He’ll Never Forget You Even After You’re Gone

Breakups are never easy, for anyone. No matter who initiates it, there will grief, sadness and turmoil. And sometimes withdrawal, especially if it was a long-term relationship. One thing is clear though: even if it ended, know that you’ll be on his mind for a while.

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We have the ability to remember that person that meant something in our lives even long after they’re gone. And once the relationship is over, we tend to overlook the bad and focus on the good, happy memories together. He will not able to forget how you made him feel, above all else. But there are other things he will definitely miss about you:

1. Your smile and your eyes

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There are images of your radiant smile that are forever stuck on his mind and heart. He cannot forget the big smile that showed him all the love you had for him. He misses your warm eyes, the way you were looking at him, with so much affection. And then there’s your laughter: he would probably give anything to hear you laugh at his jokes or just laugh together.

2. Your magnetic personality

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Everything used to be more exciting when he had you around. Now that you’re no longer together, he might feel a bit lost. Or like he needs someone just as exhilarating in his life. He may feel the need to bring back joy and adventure in his daily schedule, the way it used to be when you were there beside him.

3. You were genuine

It’s very hard to find someone who is completely honest with us nowadays. You were your true self when you were with him and he could feel that. Now that you two are over, he realizes people like you are rare. And he definitely misses your honest opinions.

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4. You still get under his skin

You might wonder how since you two are now history. But at the same time, what you shared remains forever. Whether it’s pure information, a movie or a song, he will immediately think of you when stumbling upon them. Especially if you disagreed at some point.

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5. You gave him a sense of home

This is what he will crave the most after you’re gone. When he was with you, he felt safe and comfortable because you were very open with each other. The connection was intense in your good days and he would give anything to feel that again.

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