6 Signs That Someone Is Envious Of You

Envy is unlike other emotions. It is petty, selfish, sour-grapes emotion. Most people try to hide it. But sometimes, they give themselves away. Here are 6 signs that someone envies you.

1. They are insincere

It’s not only about not telling you that they envy you, it’s about everything else. They might compliment you, tell you how much they admire you, but you can feel they are insincere.

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2. They get angry when you succeed

Whenever you achieve something that is important to you, you probably want to share it with those around you. But an envious person will never be happy for you. Moreover, they may even try to downplay your success or somehow make it about themselves.

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3. They are extremely competitive

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, but these people seem to be obsessed with it. They don’t care about anything else except proving their superiority.

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4. They judge you for everything

You can never win with these people. They will always find something to criticize about you. In their opinion everything that you’ve accomplished was a matter of luck, not of skill.

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5. They gossip about you

When everything else fails, they will spread rumors about you. This is their way to gain control if not over your accomplishments, then over your image and reputation.

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6. They try to undermine your relationship with others

Probably one of the things they envy the most about you are your relationships with others. And they will do everything in their power to ruin these, either through rumors and gossip, or any other means.

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