When You’re Not Feeling Loved Enough, Remember This

It’s sometimes easier to just give in to those feelings of emptiness. It’s also tempting to try and fill the void with other things like food, sex, alcohol, smoking or spending too much. You may feel a lack, like there isn’t enough love or affection in your life.

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You may be craving for intimacy or for more friends that will stand by you when the times demand it. Or you want a deeper conversation or some warm advice that can lift your spirits a bit.

The question is: do you give yourself all these things? Do you treat yourself with enough care and understanding? Or just put yourself down at your first slip? Ask yourself these questions. And then remember this:

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Feeling empty means there is something you need

Identify what exactly makes you feel empty or unloved. Once you know what your needs are, you can try to cater to them better. Maybe you need a night out with a friend, or dancing your blues away. If it’s fun you need, then make some time for yourself. Unwind with a hot bath and some good music and always remember to relax as much as you can.

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If you feel that what you need is out of reach or beyond your control, maybe it’s just not meant to be for now. Give it some time and you will manage to see things more clearly.

Remember this is only temporary

In other words, this too shall pass. Because everything happens in cycles and circles in our lives, this is only a chapter for you. It may be challenging or uncomfortable, but it’s there for a reason: to keep the story unfolding. And as it does, right before your eyes, know that sorrow will only make room for happiness.

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Give yourself the love you feel you need from others

Being kind to oneself can shift the relationship we have with our souls and bodies. Imagine if you scolded your child for all the little things you beat yourself up. If often happens that we’re kinder and gentler with others and at the same time harshly criticizing and judging ourselves for trifles. Why is that?

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Commit to stop the way you treat yourself. Learn new ways to make yourself happy and know that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish. Giving yourself love will only make it overflow and spread it to others. Remember you can create a space of love and understanding. And in that space, you will be loved.

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