Why All The Changes In Your Life Are Part Of A Well-Designed Plan

Something strange may have happened to you these days which you thought was a coincidence or an accident. That’s why we don’t necessarily pay attention to such small and seemingly insignificant events. But are they more than that?

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How random is random after all? Is the Universe trying to tell us something, something we could decipher if we looked more closely? First of all, you need to be aware of this.

You create your reality on your own.

There are subconscious desires or thoughts that are simply beyond our control. And because our mind can interact with the physical world, these thoughts and dreams or wishes materialize in our lives. This doesn’t mean that you’ve made up all the bad stuff that’s happening to you. It doesn’t always work this way because we don’t have power over certain circumstances. But what happens in your life will be in accordance with your mental vibrations.

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So be careful what you wish for, and what you think!

Also, there are some thoughts, fears or wishes which appear more often in our minds. The Universe will manifest things in your life based on the frequency of these thoughts. So if you thought that yesterday’s event was a mere coincidence, think again. Maybe it was a result of your mental energy.

Maybe some random events from your life were just signs of your inner life, signs of your subconscious thoughts. In that sense, an accident or coincidence happens when a thought you didn’t know you have materializes – it becomes real.

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So pay attention to your thoughts and how they relate to the coincidences in your life! Please share this!