6 Signs You’re About To Find The Love Of Your Life

We can never plan true love. This kind of love just happens; it comes into our lives when we least expect it usually. And then it transforms it and turns us into better human beings.

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According to the law of attraction, you will manifest this ideal partner when you feel ready. These are the subtle signs the Universe is telling you that love is about to knock on your door:

1. You know what you want

After all your failed relationship, you have now a clear image of what you want and don’t want from a partner. You can picture it very vividly, and yet you have no expectations. You know perfection doesn’t exist.

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2. You’re having romantic dreams often

There are couples who reported they had dreamed about the other person before they met. Whether you remember the details of your dream or not, it matters that you wake up with a sense of fullness. And you think about love all day long.

3. You have lots of energy

You feel replenished with energy and vitality. Maybe because the Universe is preparing you for what’s to come because love requires energy and effort.

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4. You feel surrounded by romance

Love is in the air and soon you will welcome it into your life. During this period, you will witness love all around and it will be wonderful. Longing for it will only make you cherish it more when it happens.

5. You’ve worked on yourself lately and became a better person

You’ve learned your lessons from your previous relationships and you know that the struggle to analyze yourself and work on some flaws was necessary. This will help you tremendously in the future.

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6. You’ve found your life purpose

Once you’re on the right path in your life, love will follow. When you’re committed to something that is meaningful to you and work with passion towards achieving that, you will enable finding your soulmate. You’ll be able to find someone who works for their purpose with just as much passion.

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