6 Signs Your Partner Is Taking You for Granted

All relationships have their issues and ups and downs. Sometimes conflict doesn’t necessarily mean the feelings aren’t there anymore. But there are cases when one of the partner cools off and we don’t know why.

And this makes it difficult for us to cope with this, especially if there are communication issues. Here are 6 signs your partner is taking you for granted!

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1. They are cold and distant.

When one of the partners acts as if they need more space or as if they want to be on their own more, it’s usually when the other needs to ask questions. This never happens for no reason.

2. They don’t seem to trust you anymore.

Feeling that your partner doesn’t share as much with you like they used to is yet another alarm signal. If they don’t trust you any longer, then there’s no solid foundation for your relationship. It’s impossible to build a stronger connection when the connection is lost.

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3. The conversations are one-sided and forced.

Communication is affected as well. When you feel you can’t talk to them like before, you should let them know how you feel about this. There’s no use in investing in a relationship if the other isn’t willing to invest just as much.

4. They show a lack of empathy.

This happens when they’ve just lost interest in being in that relationship. It probably hurts the most because it tells us they don’t feel the same way anymore, but a conversation needs to take place.

5. Your partner never asks for your opinion.

Remember when your opinion used to count? Well, now your partner seems to think you won’t mind if they do this or that so they go ahead and do it without even asking you. This shows they don’t respect you as much.

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6. They don’t make an effort to be romantic anymore.

Oh, the days when they used to court you with flowers and chocolate and flirt all the time… Sadly, those days are long one now. This is possibly the most obvious sign that they are taking you for granted.

You don’t need to play this game anymore! You deserve someone who appreciates you at your true value. Please share this and tell us your story!