Is Your Break Up Temporary Or For Good?

The thing about break ups is that we never really know if they are for real or just the result of a momentary disagreement. Are you still wondering if your partner is gone for good or not?


Here are some hints to make things clearer.

1. The breakup was nobody’s fault

Life tends to get in the way of our good intentions and best laid plans. Maybe you had an exhausting time at work. Maybe you were going through something you just couldn’t explain to your partner. You should ask yourself if the conflict is something that you could solve or an everlasting incompatibility.

2. You were just angry and not actually wanting to call it quits

We are not fully rational beings and we don’t always express our feelings with clarity. If you broke up just because you were angry and wanted to have the last word, then let the things settle down for a while and try again.

3. You still see each other on regular basis

If your couple life hasn’t changed that much after the break up, then you’re not really broken up. Spending time together, constant communication and having sex with your ex means that neither of you is willing to let the relationship perish.

4. There’s nobody else for neither of you

Usually, when people really want out of a relationship they cannot wait to meet somebody new. But if both of you cannot imagine yourself dating somebody else, it means that it’s only a matter of time until you’re back together.

5. You’ve realized that you took your partner for granted

If in spite of your arguments and their imperfections, your partner improved your life in a significant way, then maybe you should reconsider. Mutual respect, support and acceptance are very important criteria by which you should evaluate your relationship.

Hopefully, this made you think twice if you really want to end your relationship or if it’s worth giving it another chance. Share this!