Before You Cheat On Her Know This

Before you cheat on her, know this:

You will break her.

You will remind her that people can’t be trusted. You will remind her of everything that is wrong in the world. You will crush her spirit in ways no one else has.

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You will make her stop believing in love and feel sick at the thought of committing to someone ever again.

You will make her think she will never heal.

Before you cheat on her, know this:

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She will not sleep but ponder at what happened, twisting the matter on every side. She will forget how to smile or laugh because she’ll feel there’s nothing that can make her feel better anymore.

Cheating on her tells her she’s not good enough, not clever enough, not sexy enough. NOT ENOUGH.

She will cry more than she ever thought she could and she will be angry. She will wish she were more than what and who she is. Then she will not feel anything at all. Only to start feeling everything at once again. She will go through an emotional roller-coaster and it’s all because you failed to cherish her. There are few things worse than taking a loved one for granted.

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She will try to keep people at a distance because there’s no way she can let anyone in. She will feel betrayed and will try to avoid any interaction with you. Not because she doesn’t still care, but because she can’t handle having someone like you in her life anymore. She will soon start believing that she really deserves better, someone who can be faithful and as committed as she was to you.

Before you cheat on her, know that she believed in you. She thought she had found the love of her life and was willing to give it all to what you had. Never forget that you have a choice.

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If you cheat on her, you will lower her expectations. But she will make sure to raise her standards in the future.

You will shatter her spirit, but she will heal and put all her heart into becoming the best person she can be – this time, not for you, but for her. Please share this!