Why Getting Back With Your Ex Is Never A Good Idea

It can be very easy for us to forget what they put us through as time passes from the breakup. Time usually does things to our memory as we tend to focus more on the positive things from the relationship.

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But don’t forget these 10 things that clearly show it’s never a great idea to take an ex back:

1. You broke up for a reason

The problems don’t disappear with the breakup so naturally they will reemerge as soon as you’re back together.

2. Time doesn’t change things

Time may have passed and you feel you miss them, but once you take them back, you’ll see that the idea that they’ve finally changed was an illusion.

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3. You will realize it’s only a waste of your time

Taking them back will only prevent you from meeting someone who’s actually right for you and who won’t walk away when you need them.

4. You’ll be back to square one in no time

There are many cases of couples who broke, got back together only to separate again. Don’t be one of those couples.

5. Your second honeymoon is short-lived

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You may feel butterflies again in the beginning, but this will soon fade and make room for the recurrent issues.

6. You will soon realize they’re still the same person

Yup, they look all the same and act just the same.

7. You feel attachment

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Chances are you are experiencing co-dependency and not real love. Keep looking!

8. You’ve already made it through

You’ve been through this once and you’re alive and breathing now. Congratulations! Why would anyone sane put themselves through it all over again?

9. You weren’t good enough once

They let go of you to look for something else. It’s their loss really. Remember that they could do it again if you get back together.

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10. You deserve better

This is a good enough reason to not take them back. They didn’t treat you fairly and so you should look for somebody who cherishes you more! Please share!