Are You Attracting Narcissists In Your Life?

What happens when a narcissist and an empath meet and fall in love? Usually, not very pleasant things. But knowing more about this dynamic can help us a lot.

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This mix is not an unusual one. In fact, empaths and narcissists interact in romantic relationships all the time. So what makes someone a narcissist? Some theories say it all starts during childhood when someone, most likely a parent, makes the child feel worthless. With a shattered ego, they grow up to be wounded adults who wreak havoc around them.

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Narcissists will therefore try to constantly seek validation to make up for their wounded self-esteem.

They will go for anything that gives them an ego boost. Needless to say, they are very “I” oriented people.

On the other hand, the empath is all about the others. They are the healers in the equation. These people will bond very easily with a narcissist because they always seek to repair and comfort damaged people.

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What the empath fails to realize is that nobody can really be fixed, at least not by someone else. We don’t have control over other people’s emotions or how they deal with them. We may choose to care for them and offer support, but we can’t heal their wounds completely.

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This is why the relationship between an empath and a narcissist is a never-ending cycle of giving and taking. And the narcissist usually takes as they feed off the healing powers of the empath. Because they’re always on the look out for validation, they prefer empaths because they give them just that.

Narcissistic people suck the soul out of empaths and the more attention they get, the more powerful they become.

In this scenario, empaths will start feeling wounded themselves and focus on their own pain. They will blame themselves, never the other and develop a low self-esteem. Moreover, the narcissist will make sure they place the responsibility on the other person’s shoulders. And once they see they can’t control the empath anymore, they will look for another victim. After all, they need to keep their ego alive.

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The empath must realize that they are worthy of so much more and that no matter how badly they want to heal somebody’s wounds, they’re not responsible for them.

The sooner you spot these signs, the less likely you are to develop a relationship with a narcissist. Keep your heart open and trust that you will find someone who is worthy of your love. Please, share this!