Why Staying Single For A Long Time Brings You Real Happiness

Enjoying spending time with yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin is a liberating feeling. Many people would define being single as loneliness but it’s actually the opposite. Staying single, especially for long periods of time, helps you find real happiness. That quite peace within that leads to discovering the true meaning of your life.

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Not being part of a relationship for large gaps of time might be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Maybe you were single throughout college. Or you have been on a couple of dates since then, but nothing really turned serious. Or perhaps you decided to take some time out from dating because you haven’t found what you were looking for.

We have a lot to gain from being single. We have learned how to live happily by ourselves with ourselves. We have discovered that we are enough.

Being alone translates into being more mentally aware and reaching an emotional balance. It means living in the present, with more chances of finding purpose in life. This is one way to encounter happiness.

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We have embraced solitude. And that solitude brings a lot more things to the table than what we think.

Though people might think so, for us it’s not strange not being part of a couple We don’t feel weird when we order dinner for one or when we buy one beer instead of two. We don’t feel bad for not having anyone around to share the experience with, we embrace being alone.

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Because we have more time left to focus on ourselves, to discover who we really are and what our purpose in life may be. The real purpose. To figure out what really matters. We determine what works for us so when we do meet someone who deserves us, we will be prepared. Prepared for that long lasting relationship that will start a new and different chapter in our life.

But until then, we put our dreams first and make a pact of not losing sight of them. We are dedicated to our true passions.

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We are fine with the idea of never getting married, we visualize ourselves living alone and it’s ok. It’s not the end of the world. If we happen to meet someone, well, they must be trailblazers. To push us forward and to support us in our quest for truth and meaning. They must be happy we have built a life of our own and they must know we won’t sacrifice anything for love. We won’t give up on things just to be in tune with that person. Because we have our own road to walk. And we will walk with our heads held high, sure of our triumph.

Being alone is far from feeling alone and you know it. Tell the rest of the world, share this!