When Should You Say ‘I Love You’ For The First Time?

This is a question that has kept our minds busy for a long time. If you’re in a new relationship with someone, then you might be thinking when the right time for you to officially declare your love is.

It’s not very easy to figure this out. People are usually uncertain because they’re afraid the other person won’t say it back. In other words, they are waiting until they are absolutely sure their loved one feels the same way about them. But should we wait while we look for the hints? Or should we just come out and say it, loudly and proudly?

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The advice given in this area is often conflicting – some suggest to go on at least a few dates, others to never say it first or to never say it before, during or after making love.

Saying ‘I love you’ is all about revealing our deepest feelings and being at our most vulnerable in front of another person.

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It’s about expressing a genuine emotion that will hopefully cement the couple’s love and help them flourish. It’s also about open and honest communication and after all, trust too.

Psychologists agree that there’s really no right time – it all depends on the relationship and how strong or intense it is. Some may feel it after only 3 dates, others after a few months have passed. The timing is not important. We are very diverse as human beings and therefore our needs and emotional experiences are varied. The truth is not everybody develops or expresses love at the same pace.

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A different study suggests that men tend to confess their love earlier than women and are also happier than women when they receive a confession from their partner. Why is that? Maybe because men in general tend to fall in love faster than women and so feel the need to express their feelings more quickly.

But if your feelings are genuine, then there should be no problem. Trust your intuition and make the move. Who knows, it might spark something greater in your relationship! Please share this!