5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Beyond Repair

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, your relationship cannot be saved. You probably tried to put off the decision, hoping that things would get better. But if you experience the following 5 situations, it means that you need to summon your courage and break up.


1. The only time when you feel fine is when you are alone

It’s healthy to spend time apart while being in a relationship. But if you don’t miss your partner at all when you are apart, if you make excuses not to see them, then maybe it’s time to call it quits.

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2. There’s no fun spending time together

If you don’t remember the last time when you had fun together, if you complain a lot about the relationship to your friends and all you do is fight when you are with your partner, this signals that your relationship might be beyond repair.

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3. You get annoyed at the most insignificant things

If you get annoyed at the way your partner eats, speaks or breathes, if you can not name any quality of theirs off the top of your head, then maybe the romance is dead. Even the best relationships are not immune to conflict, but if yours causes you only anger and disappointment, it means that there’s nothing you can do to save it.

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4. You have stopped trusting your partner

If you don’t feel supported, if you keep your hopes and dreams to yourself because you are afraid your partner will mock you for expressing them, it means that there’s no trust between you two.

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5. There’s no physical intimacy

If you don’t feel the need to kiss your partner for no reason, if you sleep at opposite parts of the bed and your sexual life is not even close to satisfactory, it means you are more estranged than you are willing to admit.

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