7 Little Things That Will Make Your Relationship Great, According To Science

It’s all about the small things you do for your partner, right? Those tiny signs of affection or stuff we do for our beloved that often go by unnoticed, these are the things that ultimately build a happy relationship. What do you think science indicates as factors that make a great relationship?

Read about the little things that you can do that will make your relationship great:

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1. Be positive

No matter how life kicks you in the teeth, if you have a positive attitude, not only your partner but also your relationship will benefit from it. A 2014 study conducted by the University of Chicago reached the conclusion that when husbands come home with a positive vibe, there’s less friction in the marriage.

2. Spend less time on Social Media

According to recent research, couple who post many pictures on social media might struggle in their relationship. So don’t believe all those happy moments you see in your feed. When two people are doing great, they cherish the present moment and don’t feel the need to share their happiness with others.

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3. Make love once a week

Apparently, we need to make love only once a week in order to be happy. The happiest couples are the ones who enjoy bedroom time at least once a week. They are no happier if they have sex more than once, according to a current study.

4. Go out regularly

If you are in a long term relationship, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time inside or give up on dates. Studies conducted in the UK revealed that married couples who have at least one date per month are less likely to end up in divorce.

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5. Talk embarrassing stuff

Well, it seems like you must go all the way with the embarrassing stuff to strengthen your bond with your partner. A study from the journal ‘Social Problems’ concluded that couples who talk about poop are happier than those who avoid these awkward topics.

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6. Work on your friendship

Is romance the most important thing in a relationship? Some may say it’s not romance but friendship. Couples who really work on their friendship are said to be happier, even in the bedroom.

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7. Be spontaneous

When you try out new things together, you have better chances to keep your relationship fresh. It’s all about creating new experiences with your partner, they will eventually increase satisfaction in your relationship.

Remember, love is in the little things! Spread the love!