3 Reasons Why Millennials Can’t Make A Relationship Last

It’s tough work to make a relationship last nowadays and millennials know it too well. When it comes to love, a bunch of failed relationships can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health. With every breakup, we are given an opportunity to learn some valuable lessons. However, this doesn’t make it less heart-wrenching. So why are so many breakups on the rise in our modern age? Here are the 3 main reasons why we believe this happens:

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1. We don’t communicate effectively

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We all know communication is the key to a successful relationship or marriage. But with technology advancements, we’re changing the way we communicate with one another. And let’s not forget that long-distance or online relationships are also on the rise. But texting, skyping, or tweeting we’ll only get us so far. Moreover, we should be able to talk to our partners about our desires and insecurities and needs. And when arguing, it would help to keep a calm tone.

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2. We stay with people we’re not really in love with

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Some people are more in love with the idea of love rather than with a human being. And some would choose to stay in a relationship for the sake of children or because they’re afraid they’ll end up lonely. But is that a reason enough to stay?

3. There’s no trust

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Trust also helps build a strong foundation for a happy and healthy relationship. You may have dealt with a jealous partner before. That’s most likely because they were insecure and didn’t trust you. And when insecurities rear their ugly head in a relationship, the couple will have to solve their issues by reaching out. Being vulnerable and caring towards one another could reestablish the connection and redeem the relationship.

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