6 Brilliant Things Emotionally Intelligent People Do When Their Buttons Are Pushed

We all have our close friends and our families, people we work with and a circle of acquaintances. And maintaining flawless relationships with all the people in our lives is absolutely impossible. At some point, there will be clashes and misunderstandings.

So how do we react in those situations? What do we do when someone gets on our nerves or constantly pushes our buttons? There are clever ways to cope with this whole drama in our lives. This is how emotionally intelligent people deal with this kind of thing:

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1. They take a six-second pause

Why six seconds? Because during a heated exchange, it’s enough time to slow down the flood of chemicals. Take a deep breath and pause for a few moments. Rushing and reacting on the spur of the moment could cause you to say something harsh that you might regret later.

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2. They get perspective

Emotionally intelligent people are more aware of the circumstances so they will try to assess the situation. They will give themselves time to process and put the whole thing into a larger perspective.

3. They try empathy

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In our day and age, it doesn’t matter that much if our IQs are really high. If we don’t have empathy, we will not go very far because that is the key to healthy and happy relationships. Emotionally intelligent people are able to tap into how the other feels and respond based on the big picture. You may also want to ask the other person if something happened and if they are alright. This could work wonders as the other might open up to you.

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4.They stay humble

It’s not easy but it’s worth it. Try to avoid being triggered by the other, no matter what they do or say. Reacting with a a negative comment will surely start a fight. Take it easy and acknowledge that the other is a flawed human being, just like you.

5. They speak genuinely

Emotionally intelligent people don’t hide behind masks. They have the courage to be and to speak from an authentic self. That’s because they truly cherish the relationships they have.

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6. They are the first ones to reach out after conflict

These emotionally aware individuals don’t hold grudges because they know better than that. They don’t focus on what went wrong and they are often eager to forgive and let go. They will never let their ego win at the expense of losing their deep connections with their loved ones. That is probably the most important lesson they can teach us all.

Don’t underestimate the power of emotional intelligence – it’s the new smart! Please share!