Scientists Define 5 Types Of Flirting, Can You Master Them All?

Indeed, scientists have conducted research on the flirting techniques. Jeffrey Hall and Chong Xing Studies at the University of Kansas examined the verbal and nonverbal behaviors of flirting and identified five primary styles.

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We know that you like flirting, whether you initiate it or not. We all like flirting, it’s in our nature. It makes us feel good. There are many reasons human beings indulge in this kind of playful behavior. But mostly because it’s fun. Find out if you can master all the 5 methods of flirting!

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1. The Playful Flirt

These are the natural flirtatious ones. They do it for the pure fun of flirting, without chasing something sexual. Even when involved in a long-term relationship, these people ‘play the game’ with strangers, often without realizing.

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2. The Cordial Flirt

The polite flirt does express any sort of romantic intention. These are people who flirt from complaisance, they remain cordial and formal all the way.

3. The Honest Flirt

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It’s all in the conversation. People who master this flirting technique also master the art of conversation. When you flirt with candor, you engage in sincere conversations and you make meaningful eye contact. They are great listeners who want to know more about a person in order to find out what makes them tick.

4. The Traditional Flirt

This is the flirt based on a definite set of rules. The man should always make the first move and women show their interest by vocalizing what they want.

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5. The Physical Flirt

Finally, the physical flirt is about body language and touching. This is about physical attraction, you don’t need many words to suggest that you’re into someone. Smiling, nodding and touching are all part of this type of flirt, less to none verbal compliments.

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