The Benefits Of Letting Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed

Pets are the little bundles of joy that can make a horrible day become bearable. But pets can also divide a household. For example, should they be allowed to sleep in our bed?


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Most of the dog owners allow their dogs to sleep in their bed, according to several surveys. So next time somebody is telling you that you should chase away your dog, tell them that you’re not the only one enjoying your dog next to you. But there are any define benefits of allowing your dog to sleep in your bed?

First of all, let’s admit it: dogs are warm and nice to snuggle with. Their body temperature is higher than ours. So during those cold nights, our dog can give us the warmth we need.

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Secondly, when our dog is sleeping next to us, we feel more relaxed. The way they breath rhythmically, their regular heart beat can calm us down and makes us sleepy. Also, their presence can lower our blood pressure and increases the flow of oxytocin (the hormone of happiness). So take that, insomnia and anxiety!

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Thirdly, no matter what size our dog may have, when it lies in bed next to us, it makes us feel protected. The vulnerability normally associated with being alone in the bed disappears. The reason for that is probably the fact that we feel reassured that no matter how deeply we sleep, the dog’s super-sensitive hearing will notice if somebody breaks into the house.

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The only reason not to have your dog in your bed is allergies. Their coat can contain allergens that can worsen your sensibilities. Other than that, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your pet night and day! Please, share this!