What Does Your Coffee Choice Say About Your Personality?

We couldn’t live without savoring a cup of this magic potion every day. Could you imagine how our mornings would look like with no coffee? When that day comes, maybe the end of the world will follow.

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Our personality emerges in every choice we make. Even our choice of coffee reveals a great deal about your personality. Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula conducted a survey of 1,000 coffee drinkers and analyzed the types of coffee which they preferred. Here are his findings:

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Black coffee – this type of coffee drinkers are more conservatory, they are patient and efficient, though sometimes moody. They like to keep things simple and dislike change.

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Latte – whoever prefers a latte is reliable and always lends a hand when needed. But sometimes they forget to take care of themselves. They tend to please people and constantly search comfort in their lives.

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Decaf or special coffee– these people are more likely to be obsessive and perfectionists. They try to control everything around them exactly like their very special drink order at the café.

Frozen or blended coffee – they can be reckless and don’t really make healthy choices. They are spontaneous, they like to try new things and are more creative.

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Instant coffee – these super chill people are also the ones with no future plans and more prone to procrastination.

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