6 Things To Expect When You Are Dating In Your 30’s

A lot of things change in your 30’s. Dating is one of these things. This is what you can expect to happen.


1. There are fewer fish in the sea

In your 30’s  a lot of people are in committed relationships. Even your social circle is not what it used to be. There are lesser wild girls nights out, which means lesser opportunities. In other words, potential partners become scarce.

2. You want different things now

In your 30’s, your priorities are different. Old routines and expectations are replaced by other, more mature goals. Therefore, you become more selective concerning your love life.

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3. You listen to your brain more

Because you have a better understanding of your needs and desires, you are less inclined to just have fun now and see what tomorrow brings. Your mind has a greater role to play than your hormones.

4. You are less compliant than you used to be

You are more confident now. Which is great, but it also means that you are set in your ways. You are not easily persuaded to overlook your values and preferences. And because the other is probably similarly inflexible, the compatibility that you search for might become harder to accomplish.

5. You have some emotional baggage to take into consideration

Because you went through a lot, because your past relationships have left a mark, you are likely to become more cautious. Your partner carries the same kind of emotional baggage, so the effort to trust and to let go of your fears is considerable.

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6. You are less inclined to accept questionable behavior

If in your 20’s being always late was a quirk, now it’s just rude. You need to feel respected and cherished and you aren’t willing to tolerate anything less. Which you shouldn’t. Being single is better than being in a dysfunctional relationship.

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It might be more difficult to find a partner in your 30’s. But the good news is that your new and improved standards will keep you away from unnecessary hard ache. And once you find a suitable partner, your maturity will probably make you create something worthy of your time and efforts. Please share this!