Why Do Women Find Men With Beards More Attractive?

Since they finished curing cancer and ending world hunger, scientists have decided to investigate another important issue of our times. Are men with beards more or less attractive to women?


A team of scientists from the University of Queensland have studied the impact of having a beard on how attractive men are to women. And the answer is that apparently women prefer facial hair to a clean shave.

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But the research doesn’t stop here. They went on to ask women what kind of beard they prefer and what kind of relationships they had in mind.

The answer is that when looking for a short time relationship, women prefer men with a stubble. But when it comes to long term relationships, they consider men with full on beards as more attractive candidates.

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In other words, the longer the beard, the longer the relationship.

Of course, we can speculate and say that men with beards may seem more mature or socially dominant. But we do not know for sure yet if it’s a matter of fashion or biology.

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But at least we know that even though a beard does not make a philosopher, it can make you look more appealing.

So, guys, don’t waste time with shaving. Women don’t like it anyway. Share this with your friends!