5 Emotional Skills That You Need To Have As An Adult

Being an adult is not all about your age. It’s about how you behave in the world. About the way you react and what kind of decisions you make. But a less discussed aspect of adulthood is your emotional mastery. Here are 5 emotional skills every adult should have (or learn).


1. Patience

Patience is an optimistic expectation, the ability to stay put and work for future rewards. It’s the practice of waiting, watching, and knowing when to act.

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2. Independence

When you are emotionally mature, you realize that others are gifts sent to make you a better person, not crutches. You can learn from them, get advice or help, but you shouldn’t rely on them for survival.

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3. Tolerance

Accepting others’ point of view on an important issue without throwing a tantrum, listening to different opinions and being able to harmoniously live in a diverse community is an essential part of being an adult.

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4. Honesty

Telling the truth, no matter the consequences and owning up to your mistakes makes the difference between a real adult and somebody who is just pretending to be one.

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5. Self-discipline

The ability to abstain from immediate gratification in order to obtain something significant in the future, the capacity to impose limits to ourselves and to respect them are key elements of mastering the outer and inner world.

Like with other skills, emotional skills need practice. Please, share this!