The Key To Raising An Independent Child

It’s very difficult to give somebody parenting advice, not only because how to raise a child is a very personal and intimate matter. Bu also because what works in one society does not work in another.


For example, in some countries children are always in the presence of their parents, generally in constant physical contact.

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In other countries, children sleep in a different room and they are not always in the physical presence of their children.

This is done not only for practical purposes: full time jobs, the parents’ need for a good night sleep. Parents also tend to think that this way children will learn independence from an early age.

But studies show that physical closeness is correlated to emotional trust.

Which in turn has more to do with independence than one might think.

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When they grow up to trust others, children tend to be more altruistic in later life. They are less aggressive and therefore more inclined to cooperate in the world outside the home.

And because they are emotional stable, they may even learn better, be more curious and not let the fear of failure get in their way.

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So maybe the independence that parents want for their children is actually acquired by giving them emotional support and by expressing affection by physical closeness.

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