Study Shows Women Are Better Managers Than Men Because Of This Essential Trait

Millions of female and male managers were at the center of an analysis in the course of 40 years of research. The Gallup report showed something quite spectacular.

You might not be prepared for this, but the results showed that women managers outperformed their male counterparts. Why is that? First of all, this is surprising because of the gender parity issue, especially when it comes to leading positions.

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So what makes women great managers? Well, it has everything to do with engagement. Women in positions of authority tend to be more involved, excited even and more committed. Which is to say, women leaders are more engaged at their workplace than men.

Here are the 4 main parts that make up employee engagement and where women excel:

1. Building fruitful relationships

A good manager knows that one of the keys of success is creating meaningful relationships. It’s very important to be open to new ideas and build trust among employees. Also, managers should keep an eye on creating a diverse environment as well as implementing a mutual respect policy.

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2. Setting the expectations

A great manager should make sure the employee understands perfectly their job requirements, responsibilities and tasks.

3. Encouraging a positive environment

Analytics are great, but let’s not forget we’re also working with humans, not only computers. This is why excellent leaders should encourage a relaxed atmosphere which benefits everyone in the long run and increases productivity.

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4. Giving employees opportunities to grow

Most of us want to evolve in their careers. Great managers offer their employees chances for self-development and help them thrive in their professional pursuits.

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