The Number of Children That Makes Parents Happiest

As loving and caring parents, we all love our children unconditionally and wish the best life for them. Whether you are parents or not, or belong to big warm families, you will surely find this study at least intriguing.

Those of us who experienced the immense joy that only a new born can bring, have felt the most intense of emotions. They have also acknowledged the uniqueness of this event. But what happens when the second child comes around? Or the third one? And what about parents who have more than three children?

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Are the feelings just as intense?

Of course we love and cherish our children equally, but here’s what this study suggests.

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Apparently, the first and second child provide parents a significant boost in happiness up to a year before they are born. The same research indicates that a third child does not. Why is this? What’s the explanation?

It probably makes sense that the first child provides the greatest boost in happiness. Everything is new and the excitement is without measure. The anxiety is also probably the greatest because we’re becoming parents for the first time. What if something goes wrong?

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Although the third child is not associated with a significant boost in happiness, it does not mean the parents love them any less.

Do you have children? Tell us more about your experience!