How To Show A Woman You Love Her

True love makes us courageous. And showing someone you love them every single day is an act of bravery. Here is how you can translate your ineffable feelings into undeniable proof.

1. Spend time together

If you want to make a woman feel loved, you have to start with the basics: spending time together. There’s no other way to get to know her and to create bridges between you two. If she is truly a priority in your life, make time for her!

2. Don’t take her for granted

Too many times, the work of women is unpraised. If she does something nice for you, if she takes care for you, let her know you appreciate her. Expressing gratitude is expressing love.

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3. Don’t put her down

Respect is an essential part of any relationship. If you truly love a woman, don’t criticize her constantly, don’t make her feel small and full of flaws. Build her confidence and she will show you the amazing things of which she is capable.

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4. Offer her compassion

Compassion means not judging her for her flaws, but admiring her for her strengths. It means seeing things from her perspective and allowing her to tell you her truth. It means giving her comfort and support.

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5. Listen to her

When a woman tells you about her problems, she doesn’t want you to fix them. She just wants a listening ear.

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6. Stay true

There’s probably nothing women appreciate more than honesty. This is how trust is built. Sharing your hopes and dreams, listening to hers, creating a space where vulnerability is accepted and appreciated is a sign of your deep commitment.

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7. Don’t forget about the small gestures

Every day signs of thoughtfulness can make all the difference in the world for her. Ask her if she needs help, share with her the beautiful song you’ve just discover, don’t expect her to clean after you. By thinking about how you can make her life easier you show her you really care.

8. Shower her with affection

Most women love to be kissed, cuddled and hugged. Physical contact improves their mental and physical health. And it creates a stronger bond between you two.

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