6 Signs It’s Not Love, It’s Obsession

Everyone wants to have somebody crazy in love with them. But what if it’s more crazy than love? Here are 6 red flags that your partner wants to pass their obsession as love.

1. They want to be in constant contact with you

If your partner texts and calls you a thousand time a day, if they need to know where you are every single second, this is not love. It’s obvious that they don’t trust you and that all they want is to control you.

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2. They are jealous

If you go through the third degree every time you go out with your friends, if you every look you get from another person is a source of conflict, this is not a sign of love, but of possessiveness.

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3. They are always doing things for you

If your partner does a lot of things for you, even though you’ve never asked them to, this may be a manipulative tactic. They might want you to feel indebted to them and want to use this against you when the time is right.

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4. They don’t respect your boundaries

If you feel your no is powerless against their persistence, if they disregard your requests constantly and want to impose their will in every aspect of your life together, you probably must reconsider your involvement in the relationship.

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5. They create scenes out of nothing

If your partner creates scenes in public in order to embarrass you, if they use every mean at their disposal to make you do whatever they want you to do, this indicates a very dysfunctional relationship.

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6. They stalk you

Maybe one of the clearest sign of obsession is the fact that they show up unexpectedly at your office, when you’re out with your friends or even in your home. This is a very dangerous path, so don’t tolerate such behavior.

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