3 Unhealthy Beliefs You Have About Your Partner’s Ex

There’s no limit to what our own insecurity can do when it comes to relationships. Mix in a vivid imagination and the recipe for disaster is there. Often, one of the main characters in these horror stories we create in our head is our partner’s ex. Here are some of the most common unhealthy beliefs people have about their partner’s ex.

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1. It’s only a matter of time until your partner is going to get back with their ex

In spite of the fact they are not in contact anymore, that there’s no clue they want to get back together, you think that their reconciliation is near. The source of this belief can be a past disappointment, trust issues or even a bit of paranoia. Do your relationship a favor and don’t mention this to your partner! And by no means don’t blame them for your whatever is that you’re feeling.

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2. Their ex is superior to you in every conceivable way

You often feel that your partner is comparing you to their ex and that you are always losing. You believe this person to be more beautiful, smarter, richer, kinder and more sexually skillful than you. Again, without no proof whatsoever. This imaginary competition can only give you a sense of inadequacy. The real reason for this turmoil is your fear of rejection for which you shouldn’t make your partner feel responsible.

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3. You consider your partner’s ex your enemy

All this suspicion and insecurity can lead to real resentment towards a person you probably don’t even know. This type of belief can put you in an unflattering light that in the end can only be poisonous to your relationship. The best way to deal with your negative projections is to focus on the relationship itself, not to find imaginary threats.

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