How To Cheer Up A Friend Who Is Going Through A Tough Time

When we see somebody we care about suffering, we suffer as well. We want to take their pain away, but we don’t know how. Here are several little things you can do to help a friend who is going through a tough time.

1. Hugs, hugs and then some more hugs

When we cuddle, our brain releases chemicals that make us feel good. One of these chemicals is oxytocin, a bonding hormone. When it is released we feel more connected to the other person. Also, we cannot cuddle and be stressed at the same time. Because of the release of oxytocin, the blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones are reduced.

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2. Watch their favorite TV series with them

By suggesting them to plunge into an imaginary but familiar world together, they will become more relaxed. If the series is a comedy, they might even laugh a little.

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3. Do that thing you always said no to

Is there a club that they never convinced you to go to, a performance art show that was too contemporary for your taste or a concert that was taking place too late? Now it’s the time to give in and spend a unforgettable night together.

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4. Tell them jokes

Tell them embarrassing stories about you, a silly joke or show them a funny video on the internet. Laughter decreases anxiety and makes them feel more relaxed.

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5. Take a walk together

Walking has proven to be a stress reliever and a creativity stimulant. So convince them to take a walk through the park or the neighborhood: it will soothe their nerves in no time. And they might find a creative solution to whatever is bothering them.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Please, share this!