8 Ways To Clear Your Mind Of Negative Thoughts

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our minds, that we even forget about the world around us. When we’re having negative thoughts, our whole perspective upon life changes. With a gloomy attitude, come gloomy things.

Luckily for us, there are some methods we can implement right now to help us get rid of these bad thoughts. So next time you feel worried, exhausted or filled with anxiety, choose the right way for you to start thinking positively again.

1. Use humor

Laughter is an awesome way to get you rid of any negative energy. When we laugh, our mindset is positive and our whole bodies relaxed. Try to tell a joke whenever you’re having bad thoughts running through your head. Or remember something funny if you’re feeling particularly worried.

2. Breathe

Taking a few deep breaths will calm you down rapidly. It’s no wonder meditation works so well and can bring us back to our happy place.

3. Read it out

Have you heard of celebrities reading out loud mean tweets on social media? Well, you might try that as well. Verbalizing your negative thoughts will only make you realize how absurd and untrue they are.

4. Work out

Exercising is one other successful way to put your mind at rest and your body at work. Your brain will make sure to focus on the work-out session and less on your concerns.

5. Write it down

We’re sure you’ve heard of writing therapy before. You don’t necessarily need a journal, but writing down your negative thoughts every once in a while will definitely help. Let it all out, nobody has to read it anyway!

6. Listen to some music and sing along

Your mind will thank you if you do this! It’s a very exciting and fun way to take your mind off of things.

7. Spend a night out with friends

Clearing your head on a night out with your closest friends sounds like an excellent way to relieve stress and push away all the bad thoughts.

8. Think about something you’re thankful for

Gratitude will put you in a more serene and peaceful mood right away. Think of one good thing that happened that day, as small as it is, and you’ll see how relaxed and happy you’ll feel again.

Tell us what works for you! We hope you enjoyed this and that you found it helpful!