5 Signs Your Compassion Is Taken For Granted

Compassion is a wonderful quality to have. Unless you overdo it and people are taking advantage of you. Here are 5 signs you give too much and that your mental well-being is at risk.


1. You are everyone’s go to person

If you are compassionate and empathic, people in your social circle and family may come to you with their small and big problems. And that’s great. It’s less great if they expect you to drop everything and come to their rescue, with no respect for your time and energy.

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2. You cannot say “no”

When you become the go to person in your group, being there for your friends becomes a moral duty. But you should help and support them only if you can and if it doesn’t involve always sacrificing yourself.

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3. You have too much drama in your life

Being involved in everybody’s lives as you are, you accumulate a lot of negative emotions. If you feel overwhelmed by the drama that now has become yours to handle, if you don’t have time for your own problems, then you need to learn to establish boundaries.

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4. You are appreciated only if you can do something for others

People who only call you and want to see you if they have a problem are not your true friends. This may be difficult to accept, but friendship involves a constant give and take.

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5. You don’t have time for yourself

Being caught in everyone’s problem, you might have a hard time relaxing and charging your emotional batteries. Don’t allow other to steal your time and watch out for mental exhaustion!

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If you are an empathic and generous person that likes to help others, don’t forget that your own energy supplies are limited. Take care of yourself and value your mental health! Please, share this!