3 Ways To Spot A Psychopath

We have the impression we know what a psychopath is but in fact we have no idea. Apparently, every 100th person in the world has psychopathic tendencies. These people are not like the characters you see on the big screen but ordinary people who take pleasure in manipulating others.

They genuinely lack empathy and don’t feel guilt or remorse, though more recent research shows that the emotions of a psychopath are much more complicated than we thought. That is why it can be really difficult to spot one.

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Here are the most common traits of someone who has psychopathic tendencies:

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1. They are exceedingly charming

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If a person you know is way too charming, they might be a psychopath. Most of these people have really successful careers probably due to this enchanting personality. Of course, it’s only superficial charm and this is the most common trait of psychopaths.

They are really skilled at deception, they master the art of manipulation. They come across as friendly and trustworthy, with a charismatic vibe that’s too swell to be true. You really must be cautious around these folks, for they really know how to get under your skin. And the moment they find out your weak spots, they will use them for their benefit.

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2. They are exquisite liars

Talk about pathological lying, psychopaths lie just for the fun of it. Even when there’s nothing in for them, they choose to deceive people around them and not tell them the truth. By keeping secrets they feel more in control, more powerful. They just can’t help themselves and put on a good bluff whenever they interact with people. If you have observed this kind of behavior, someone delivering you many unjustified lies, you might be dealing with a psychopath.

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3. They are incapable of feeling empathy

Regret, guilt or shame, psychopaths don’t experience these emotions. They don’t take any responsibility for hurting people’s feelings. They are just incapable of being empathic, though recent research suggests that they don’t actually lack empathy, but rather they can switch it on at will. Psychopaths may notice that someone is hurting, but they don’t actually ‘feel it’ like most normal people. They don’t feel any guilt or remorse for the people they are manipulating.

If you know people who have these three traits, you ought to keep distance, they might be psychopaths. Please share!