4 Reasons Dog Owners Are Healthier Than The Rest Of Us

There’s no secret that dog owners are happy people. They find so much care and support in their puppies when they get home from work that they don’t need anything else. We know that our beloved pets can help us relieve stress and boost our mood right away.

But here are other reasons why people with dogs are healthier than the rest of us:

1. They spend more time doing physical activity

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This is forced activity we’re talking about, but still. Any kind of exercising is great for our bodies and minds. So why not get a pet and play with them all day long? It’s good for you and it’s great for them too. That way, everyone’s happy!

2. They spend more time outdoors

People who own puppies kinda have to be more outside, around green spaces. And that’s tremendously helpful for our mental health.

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3. They are more present

When you play with your dog, you are immersed in the experience. You simply forget about the house chores or that task you didn’t complete at work. In other words, you are mindful and the benefits to being present are practically infinite.

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4. They have an enhanced immune system

Dog germs can be great because they can help you build a more robust immune system.

They pay more attention to their circadian rhythms.

Because dogs thrive on routine, they will help you maintain yours as well.

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