4 Strong Signs You’ll Be Together For A Long Time

Why do some relationships last while others just die off? It’s true that relationships are so diverse, much like a rainbow. But some of them are just stormy and end up badly and abruptly.

And while we know that nothing is forever, some couples manage to make it through. So what’s the secret behind their long-lasting love? Stick around to find out the 4 signs that psychologists confirmed.

Studies found that what actually breaks marriages is not the major differences in opinion, but the inability to express them and communicate in a cordial manner.

1. You complain, but do not criticize.

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When you complain, you do it in such a way that you don’t blame your partner for whatever it is that you’re complaining about. You definitely don’t start criticizing their personality or put the weight on them. Blaming your partner on and on will only increase hostility in your relationship and push them away.

2. You don’t put each other down.

You try to solve your conflicts and arguments in a friendly manner. When you start realizing there are differences of opinions between you, you try to listen to your partner’s perspective as well. And it’s also crucial to remind yourselves that you are on each other’s side.

3. You are kind to each other.

Showing your partner your love and care as often as possible will lead to a very healthy relationship. There is no way to fail if all you have for each other is understanding and respect.

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4. You don’t ignore each other.

When some goes wrong, you don’t give them the silent treatment. On the contrary: you try to talk things through, see what went wrong and try to fix it together. It’s essential that you acknowledge each other’s feelings and listen to different perspectives.

Keep in mind these 4 habits that healthy couples are all about!