6 Signs Your Stress Is Actually Hidden Anxiety

Most of us lead hectic lives these days so no wonder we’re almost constantly under stress. Our eating and sleeping habits may not be the healthiest and some projects just won’t let us go to bed. Although we work passionately and have goals we intend to achieve, this kind of lifestyle still gets tiring at some point.

Chronic stress is not something that should be disregarded. The most important thing we could do is learn how to manage it, since we can’t seem to escape it completely. With small steps and the adequate measures, we can navigate the stormy waters with more ease. But what happens if what we’re dealing with is not just stress, but something else?

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We’re all too familiar with the symptoms of stress: we feel constantly drained, we crave bad food, we’re more irritable, angrier or emotional in general. And all we want is a break from everything. But these are also symptoms of anxiety. Here are some signs that what you’re experiencing is in fact hidden anxiety.

1. Insomnia

This is a first sign that something is up, unless you drank too much coffee that day. Not being able to fall asleep due to rumination is a common symptom of anxiety. Definitely one that shouldn’t be overlooked. This often happens when you worry or stress a lot during the day and then can’t quiet your mind when the night falls.

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2. Constant worry

When you go through anxiety, you’re always worried about something, no matter how tiny. You feel things are out of control and you think everything is about to go wrong. Stress is also related to worrying, but anxiety causes consistent worrying that can be very damaging for our health.

3. Nightmares

This ties in with the ruminating and worrying activities. When we’re exposing ourselves to these on a daily basis, our minds will translate these into nightmares as soon as we fall asleep. To counteract this, you could try meditating or any pleasurable activity during the day that will ease your mind.

4. Panic attacks

This is another alarm signal. Excessive worrying and ruminating can become at times so overwhelming for us that it may cause a terrible panic attack. These can be triggered even by small events, but have a devastating effect on our mental health.

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5. Stomach problems

What goes on in our heads has an impact on what happens in our stomachs as well. Anxiety can lead to indigestion, bloating, or upset stomach. In this case, a healthy diet could reverse some of the issues.

6. Compulsive behaviors

Anxiety can also cause us to pick up compulsive behaviors, like washing our hands 50 times a day or performing so-called rituals that we think could ease our turmoil.

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