A Restless Mind: The Burden Of Being Outgoing And Anxious At The Same Time

Having an outgoing personality while anxiety eats you up inside is a mental weight that can’t be measured that easily. We are the ones with the uneasy mind, the over-thinkers who feel anxiety most ardently, as we keep this matter under lock and key.

You would never guess what kind of struggles we deal with inside, for our anxiety is truly opposed to our sociable personality. We are often the soul of the party but we can also be really reflective, questioning everything around us.

Here’s what’s going on inside our head most of the time:

1. We try to mislead our mind by keeping it busy all day long but by night, unsettled thoughts take hold of our mind and soul.

2. On the good days, you’re more than eager to make future plans with your friends and family, but when the day comes, you lack the energy and excitement to follow through with them.

3. You get nervous when you bump into someone you know, you’re in doubts whether to hug or shake their hands, risking to be left hanging. This makes everything more awkward than usual and can be embarrassing for you.

4. You often avoid people but when the inevitable meeting takes place, you pretend as though you’re having the best time of your life.

5. Daily errands may become an ordeal for you, despite your bold personality. Just having to deal with the smallest of things takes a toll on you.

6. If someone is rude to you or makes a tasteless comment, your state of mind is easily brought down. You don’t get over it pretty fast.

7. There are times when you’re so inauthentic in certain social gatherings, you don’t even recognize yourself. You try so hard to please people by playing the part they are accustomed to see you in, open and cheerful. But on the inside, you’re sickened by this masquerade.

8. Dating is a puzzled experience for us. We brim over with confidence, smile and entertain lively conversations, only to want to be left alone the next days, not returning calls or texts.

9. The interior quandary is that we love people and want to be surrounded by them, but due to our constant over-thinking and our anxiety to quickly trust someone, we become really selective about who we surround ourselves with.

10. You have good and bad days, just like everyone else. When you see the silver lining, you make calls and update your status. But on your cloudy days, you stay as far as possible as you can from the outer world.

Our greatest fear is loneliness and isolation, something that contradicts our demeanor more often than not. Everyday is a challenge but we never forget that life is worth living. Spread the word!