4 Things You Can Do When You’re Angry At Yourself For Not Speaking Up

We don’t always stand up for ourselves. We don’t always speak up when we witness injustice. Some of us fear that others will see as disagreeable or childish. But then again, if we keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves for too long, we become angry at ourselves.

So we are constantly in an awkward position. Speaking up is considered unproductive or too idealistic. But keeping our mouth shut makes us lose respect for ourselves. How can we escape this dilemma?

1. Stand your ground

When it comes to your values and your ethics, nobody has the right to make you violate them. It’s one thing to negotiate and to compromise, it’s a whole other thing to be pushed in a position with which you are not morally comfortable.

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2. Be careful with your approach

When it comes to setting boundaries and even making somebody else change their mind, it’s very important to be calm about it, to speak clearly and decisively. But also to know when it’s the right moment to approach a difficult subject.

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3. Get some objective advice

Find someone who you trust and explain them the moral dilemma you are confronting. They may give you an objective image of the situation, but also some practical advice about the best strategy to adopt.

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4. Be polite

The fact that you believe that you are right and the others are wrong about a specific issue doesn’t give you the right to insult them or make them feel bad about themselves. Approach them with the same attitude you would like them to have if the situation were reversed. Please, share this!