The 4 Most Common Tactics A Manipulator Will Use

Manipulators usually hide their dishonest and abusive intentions behind kind words. In order to get what they want, manipulators use a variety of tactics. Here are the 4 most common ones.

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1. They will guilt you into doing what they want

Manipulators will use passive-aggressive comments and your sense of guilt in order to achieve their goals. Passive-aggressive people are usually angry people who, for one reason or another, don’t express their anger. But they will do anything in their power to get you to do what they want.

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2. They will mention irrelevant facts

This kind of people use intellectual bullying: trying to confuse you with facts, statistics and procedures with which you might not be familiar. And if you do not become overwhelmed fast, they will attack you by mentioning private aspects of your life.

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3. They will use aggressive language

Manipulators won’t hesitate to call you names or insult you in any way possible. The goal is to make you feel small, to lose your confidence and give in to their requests. And if this doesn’t work, they will throw a violent tantrum.

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4. They will suggest every situation is an urgent one

Manipulators will exaggerate the urgency of everything, in order to force you to make a decision. They know that in a normal situation, you will weight your options, take into consideration all relevant information and consider the pros and cons. So they will urge to make a decision now, to increase the probability that the decision is in their favor.

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