10 Signs You’re More Mature Than You Think

People rarely mature at the same age and that’s because real maturity has more to do with one’s experiences. Moreover, you become wiser not according to how much suffering you faced, but how you chose to overcome it. Growing as a person means you acknowledge and accept your feelings.

You accept you have little control over what happens to you, and more control in how you respond to your setbacks.

Here are 10 indicators that prove you are a lot more mature than you think:

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1. You are alright with change

Mature people no longer resent the small or even big changes in their life. You welcome them in the realization that there is no set path for your life. You’re actually creating it as you go along.

2. You’ve realized that happily ever after is hard work

As kids, we thought happy endings are as easy as the flick of a wand. Growing up, we realized that making a relationship last implies hard work, many sacrifices and patience.

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3. You’ve finally come to terms with the fact that the world does not revolve around you

Kids think they are the rulers of the universe and that they are entitled to everything. Maturity means you now know that you are only a fragment of a giant mechanism and that you have little control over circumstances.

4. You choose to focus on the positive in life

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This is not about repressing the bad stuff, on the contrary. After some negative experiences, you realize the power of seeing the light in any situation, no matter how grey.

5. You have caught yourself giving out your mom’s advice

When you were teenager, you were probably great at rolling your eyes when your mom lectured you. Realizing how right she was means you have finally reached adulthood.

6. You set aside time for yourself to do absolutely nothing

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You know exactly when you need some time for yourself, to reset and relax. Maybe a glass of wine, a hot long bath or playing your favorite music will do the trick.

7. You don’t find the need to get drunk on the weekends to have fun

This used to seem like such an exciting idea a while ago. What’s more exciting for you now is taking a nap or hanging out with your friends in a quiet pub.

8. You’re ok with being alone

You acknowledge the importance of spending time on your own. It’s all about recharging your batteries and becoming more in touch with who you are.

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9. You’ve noticed that your relationships matter more now

You used to be more career driven and put your relationships second. Only to realize that genuine human connections are powerful and that having the right people in your life will make you happy.

10. You choose gratitude and forgiveness over anger or resentment

You understand that keeping things bottled up or being bitter will get you nowhere. So you take the more responsible and mature path: you forgive and forget.

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